Ausiku pedals away at Tourism Expo on his own Fat-e electric bicycle

Namibia Economist By Mandisa Rasmeni

Melkies Ausiku of Windhoek is the proud new owner of a Fat-e, and electric bicycle with fat tyres to make it easy to ride in sand and over loose surface. Melkies won the bicycle in a lucky draw by SunCycles at last week’s Tourism Expo. All he had to do was to be prepared to pay fifty bucks for a test ride.

Melkies is an amateur cyclist who has already given the harsh Desert Dash a go. He will use his new e-bike to expand his cycling horizon, taking it to areas where conventional mountainbike find it hard to stay upright.

The e-bike test ride and give-away was a promotion of SunCycles to introduce the novelty of a fat bike, assisted by a small electric motor and a rechargeable battery…
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