Building DIY Ebikes and Batteries Like a Pro: Fast Ebike Podcast 3

Author: Luna Cycle Ebikes via YouTube
Building DIY Ebikes and Batteries Like  a Pro: Fast Ebike Podcast 3

Eric meets one of his biggest mentors a DIY ebike builder Adam Livingston who inspired Luna  to build Fusion custom ebike batteries and the Luna Wolf Pack. Table of contents:
00:19 Podcast starts Dog yelps
00:40 Introduction to Adam Linvingston
01:23 Adams lightweight Electric bike
02:54 One of best DIY ebikes ever

06:30 ingenius DIY body case design
12:55 Rock Shox Judy
14:12 downhill mountain biking
15:00 Adam the bike shop Manager
16:48 Wheel Building
21:22 Building a girl bike
23:31 running 72v through mini hub
26:03 Mid drive freewheels
27:36 Junky $200 controllers
28:20 no backpack battery for us
29:59 Wheel Building Machines
32:04 Dogati Eibke Best DIY Bike Ever
37:07 Adam’s Tragic Accident
39:58 Tangent Ebike System
41:15 Adam Designs the first version of wolf
43:04 The beginning of the wolf
47:42 working with metal and wood
48:59 Lunas First Custom Battery Bike
51:27 Luna decision to sale bikes
53:55 Coast Cycles Banana Bike
56:04 Ebike Vibe in Southern California
59:06 The beginning of fat bikes
59:58 Karl from electric bike blog
71:40 R@D
73:13 Betting bottles of tequila building batteries

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