eBike Factory: Displays from APT Development Co.

Author: Blue Monkey Bicycles via YouTube
eBike Factory: Displays from APT Development Co.

Some cool displays from a company you’ve likely never known was behind the scenes for 15 years. APT makes many various displays for eBikes around the world, and they’re about ready to be seen here in the USA.

APT Site: http://aptdevelop.com/

email: yzhao@aptdevelop.com

APT (Tianjin) Development Co., Ltd.
1001, Building 5 HuaDing, No. 1 Huake 3 Road, Xiqing District, Tianjin, China

Number: 86 22 26345859

Tianjin Churros: “18th Street fried dough twists” 桂发祥十八街麻花


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