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Electric Bike Company Model R | Review (2020)

Electric Bike Company Model R | Review (2020)

Author: Electric Bike Report via YouTube
Electric Bike Company Model R | Review (2020)

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The Model R by The Electric Bike Company is their “Rugged Enduro” model built for those who want a hybrid ebike that rides like a comfortable beach cruiser even when going off-road on gravel and bumpy roads/path. This powerful ebike has a 500watt motor with a 1250watt peak that will really power you up hills and along the road. It is a good commuter bike given the great options for a front basket and rear cargo rack options.

The Model R isn’t a small bike, and it feels a little larger than the Model C. However, given the step-through design and powerful, high-quality motor that comes included, you don’t really notice the size or weight of the bike while riding at all. In fact, we felt that the Model R handled really well in our tests and was a ton of fun to ride. The bike is like a large, luxury car: it moves along smoothly and almost floats when at speed. It isn’t super nimble on tight turns given that it’s a cruiser style bike, but otherwise rides really well. We found the Model R to be a smooth, enjoyable ride with good components and a comfortable feel.

Bottom line, we loved the bike and how it’s built with very high-quality components and fully painted and assembled 100% here in the USA. From the motor/battery to the brakes, this is a very well-built ebike. And given that you can fully customize this bike with whatever color you want (literally), we think there are a lot of consumers who are going to love this model.

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