EVELO Galaxy 500 Review – $4k Best Small Ebike, Enviolo Automatic, Gates Belt Drive

Author: ElectricBikeReview.com via YouTube
EVELO Galaxy 500 Review - $4k Best Small Ebike, Enviolo Automatic, Gates Belt Drive

https://electricbikereview.com/evelo/galaxy-500/ The EVELO Galaxy 500 is a small, approachable, city-cruiser electric bike with 24" wheels that bring the frame closer to the ground and comfortable 2.4" wide tires that improve stability and reduce vibration. The deep step-thru frame is easy to mount and stabilize but still very strong. It offers a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs! You get advanced pedal assist, trigger throttle, and it has brake lever motor inhibitors. The included plastic fenders are durable and fairly quiet. The sturdy rear rack provides extra space for hauling cargo on top and doesn’t block the seat from going extra low. Integrated lights help keep you visible at night, and the metallic silver paint job also stands out. Overall, great aesthetic here that could work for guys or girls. The comfortable sprung saddle, swept back handlebars, and elongated 45-degree stem provide an upright relaxed body position. The bike is approachable, easy to ride, and adjustable enough to fit riders 4’10" to 5’10" according to their website. I’m 5’9" and it worked well for me. Hydraulic disc brakes and electronic automatic shifting is intuitive and easier to actuate than mechanical. The bike can go up to 25mph if you change the speed for "off road" use, which might appeal to some people. Rear heavy design with the battery positioned high and at the back, but the rack protects it well and the bike did not suffer from speed wobble or too much frame flex. The display is fairly simple, it doesn’t include as many readouts and it doesn’t have a USB charging port built in. EVELO sells mostly direct, so there’s some effort and assembly required to get things going. Only one frame size option here, consider the EVELO Aurora for a larger, more powerful, fairly similar product.

Unboxing and assembly complete at 3:35
Brakes and motor details at 17:17
Battery removal and details at 19:49
Lights and display details at 23:50
Advanced display settings at 28:38
Enviolo NuVinci shifting overview at 29:48
Ride test begins at 33:10, Frame shots at 37:38
Guest ride footage (petite female) at 39:32

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