Flash-forward to an electric bike packed with intelligent features

By Bruce Brown
It seems like every week a new ebike is announced, each trying to distinguish itself from the crowd of battery-powered bicycles. Adding to this growing segment is Seattle-based Flash, which launched its eponymous ebike in an Indiegogo campaign Thursday, touting it as “The Bike Evolved.”

Flash is loaded with tech features that include lighting, security, and a frame-mounted touchscreen that works both independently of and in conjunction with a smartphone app.
The ebike’s 500-watt, 36-volt battery is mounted inside the bike frame. The battery isn’t replaceable by the user and is charged in place. Charging from fully depleted to maximum charge takes 4 to 5 hours.
The in-frame mounting means you can’t buy a spare battery as a backup or to extend your range, but it also keeps the design simpler and cleaner. That design decision also means no one can steal just the battery –if they want your battery, they have to take the whole bike…
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