Ford F-150 Prototype vs Ford Ranger EV

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Ford F-150 Prototype vs Ford Ranger EV

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Ford released a video today showing a prototype version of their all electric F-150 pickup truck. Which is great… except that they were building electric trucks 20 YEARS AGO!

Not too long ago, I got a FACTORY BUILT Ford Ranger EV. It’s all electric and works and drives exactly as you think it does.

I’m glad to finally see that Ford is SHOWING a prototype electric. Unfortunately, they don’t show what’s under the hood or the specs. Because folks have been so heavily advertised to for so long, we all think that we need a tremendous amount of power and utility from trucks. So, Ford did something completely over the top to show how their EV truck isn’t just as good as their gas truck, it’s even better. They tow 1,000,000 pounds of train cars.
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I’ve had a lot of fun so far with my 1998 Ford Ranger EV.
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