January Electric Bill with Solar SAVINGS!

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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January Electric Bill with Solar SAVINGS!

What was my electric bill this month? Join me as I open the bill on camera and find out!
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My electric bill this month came to $40.43. Frankly, that’s a little higher than I was expecting! We DO now have TWO plug-in vehicles, instead of one, so that may have been it. Alternatively, I think I may have accidentally left the heat on in the garage once.

I manually calculated what my bill could have been if I wasn’t on Time Of Use and solar, and it would have been about $130. Essentially, I only paid about a third of what I otherwise would have.

Keep in mind that this is in the WINTER when it is cloudy and the sun is low in the sky. I can’t wait to see what economic benefits I can get COMBINING Solar AND Time of Use during the SUMMER!

My solar was self-installed with micro-inverters and is rated for 5,400 watts peak AC. Read more about my system at: https://300mpg.org/bens-solar-garage/

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