Lenz’s Law: Magnetic ball in slow motion | Eddy Currents (New York Toy Fair FeelFlux booth)

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Lenz's Law: Magnetic ball in slow motion | Eddy Currents  (New York Toy Fair FeelFlux booth)

While at the New York Toy Fair, I found a cool magnetic toy that makes use of Lenz’s Law of induction and eddy currents to make a ball fall in slow motion! Please click SHOW MORE!

An effect I’ve know about for a long time is based on Lenz’s Law. A moving magnet near a conductor will induce a current and create an OPPOSED MAGNETIC FIELD. It makes magnets hard to move near conductors. And the conductors DON’T have to be ferrous! So, moving magnets can behave very strangely near aluminum, copper, etc.


The "Feel Flux" booth at the New York Toy fair was showing off their desktop toy that makes use of this effect. A rare-earth magnet ball falls in slow motion through an aluminum tube. They also had a copper version, which was even nicer! (Although more expensive as well!)

I have a few powerful "donut" magnets at home and some copper rod. Perhaps I can create a video showing an "inside-out" version of the same thing!

See their webpage at: https://feelflux.com
It’s also available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/32rg8Ay

Neat toy to play with. I know the science behind it, but it’s still pretty magical!

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This video filmed at Toy Fair New York Feb. 25, 2020 on my iPhone.

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