Magnum Mi6 Review – $1.7k Value Hardtail eMTB with Throttle

Author: via YouTube
Magnum Mi6 Review - $1.7k Value Hardtail eMTB with Throttle The Magnum Mi6 is a value priced hardtail electric bike that’s trail-ready with a front suspension fork, knobby tires, and 21 gear combinations, available at a vast network of shops for great support and service. Features an upgraded 500 watt planetary geared hub motor paired with a high-capacity 48v 13ah battery pack for longer rides, offers pedal assist and throttle mode, uses a slim trigger throttle that stays out of the way. Beautiful purpose built frame with integrated battery design, competitive $1,699 price point, one year warranty with good phone support from the headquarters. No battery integrated lights, the center mounted kickstand could produce pedal lock when reversing, mechanical brakes do their job, but hydraulic would be ideal for eMTB riding.

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