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MASSIVE DC Motor for Electric Tractor! | In-Depth Specs & Speed Testing

MASSIVE DC Motor for Electric Tractor! | In-Depth Specs & Speed Testing

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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MASSIVE DC Motor for Electric Tractor! | In-Depth Specs & Speed Testing

I take a look at a huge DC motor. Will it work for the electric tractor project? I check the specs and give it a speed test.
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Chapter Points:
0:00 – Looking at the motor at in storage
1:53 – Weighing the Motor
2:52 – Transporting the motor home
3:16 Drive Shaft Measurements
5:06 Tail Shaft Measurements
6:43 – Commutator and Brushes
9:52 – Proper Diameter Measurement and Electrical Connections
11:49 – Drive End Un-Even Face
12:43 – Speed Testing
14:47 – Does the Splined Shaft match a PTO?
17:04 – Too Big?

This motor is a DC Series-Wound originally out of a Yale brand forklift rated for 6,000 lbs. It’s 12.5" diameter and weighs about 250 lbs. It features a driveshaft AND a tailshaft. Having a tailshaft on a motor can be useful for powering accessories. For example, you could use it to run an air-conditioning compressor on an electric car. In this case, we may be able to use it to run a hydraulic pump on a tractor.

I tested the speed of the motor by simply connecting it to a common 12V battery.
I measured the speed with an optical Tachometer:

It appears that the driveshaft matches up with a not uncommon 1-3/8" 21 spline PTO connection.
I tested this with a part from the tractor store to see if it would match up or not.

The downside of this motor is that it might be TOO big for the electric tractor conversion project. I’ll have to try loading it into the tractor with the engine hoist and see if it has clearance against the transmission bell housing or not.

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