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Niu UQiGT Pro 1200w 28mph Electric Moped Ride Review :

Niu UQiGT Pro 1200w 28mph Electric Moped Ride Review :

Author: Green-Mopeds via YouTube
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Niu UQiGT Pro 1200w 28mph Electric Moped Ride Review :

A short review of the salient points of the 1200w 28mph Niu UQiGT Pro electric moped. is a London based electric-only moped and motorcycle dealer and importer. We started in 2017 by signing a dealership with Torrot ( after initially seeing an electric moped for rent on holiday in Portugal.

Since then we looked for more brands and became the UK Importer for ECCity Motorcycles from France ( and then Super Soco ( from China.

In early 2018 we were then approached by Askoll ( to be their first London dealer and soon followed by Lifan who were lauching their first moped the E3 (

Later in 2019 we also signed up with SurRon with their hugely popular and lightweight LBX Lightbee (

Mid 2019, we signed up to be the first dealer for Niu ( and sold the first 9 of their new NGT model when it was launched at the end of 2019.

In early 2020 the UK Importer for Torrot moved on to other things and we became their importer to support existing customers of the Muvi range.

Later in 2020 after a request from a customer, we signed up with Artisan ( to sell not only their brand but also Horwin ( and Kollter (

We have been approached by many manufacturers to become their importers which we will consider when the time is right.

Always happy to help so please feel free to contact us through any of the channels below.


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