Pricey electric bicycle wheel gets you to work sweat-free By Roberto Baldwin
Yes I own a bike. But it’s nothing to get excited about. A neighbor put it on the sidewalk with a “free” sign, and bam! I had a bicycle. It’s old and rusty but perfect for neighborhood errands. I normally wouldn’t use it to ride to work, but the $1,000 GeoOrbital wheel could change that. If I could afford it.

If you live in an urban environment, you’ve probably noticed the rise in the number of electric bicycles cruising in the bike lanes. With battery packs strapped to the frame and oversize rear hubs powering daily commutes, the riders show up to work without looking like a sweating mess.
But if you’ve already got a bike and are short on space (there’s barely enough room in your studio apartment for that second lamp), the GeoOrbital converts your two-wheeled whip into an electric one without too much hassle…
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