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QuietKat Universal Downtube Fender – How to Install

QuietKat Universal Downtube Fender - How to Install

Video by QuietKat In Action via YouTube

QuietKat’s Universal Downtube Fender allows you to take your adventures deep into the backcountry without fear of mud, water, or snow.

The Universal Downtube Fender is easy to install and attaches securely to the battery case using strong, battle tested, double-sided adhesive. This fender is compatible with any QuietKat Electric Bike that has an integrated battery. Don’t let the trail dictate if your gear gets muddy.

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Installation Guide:
1. Begin installation when ambient air temperature is between 70 and 100F.
Remove the battery from the bike.
2. Clean battery case with IPA wipes (provided with purchase) to remove dust, oil, and debris. Let dry.
3. Align the Splashboard such that the wide side is towards the top of the battery case, ensuring that the splashboard is 1 inch or more below the top of the battery case.
4. Remove the adhesive backing on the splashboard.
5. Apply about 40lbs of pressure using your palms and working your way along the surface above where the tape contacts the battery tray. Each time you press, hold for a few seconds before moving down the length of the battery tray.

0:00 Intro
0:35 Remove battery from bike
0:57 Applying the Fender
1:40 Exit

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