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Remote Control Halloween Candy Launcher

Remote Control Halloween Candy Launcher

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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Remote Control Halloween Candy Launcher

👻 Remotely launch candy at Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween! The spring-loaded candy launcher features a remote and impressive range.
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00:35 Demonstrating the spring-loaded box and remote control
4:02 Testing with Popcorn Balls
6:46 Launching Candy at a Trick-o-Treater
9:34 Launching ONE POUND of Smarties
11:00 Candy Autopsy – Which Candies Work Best?

💀 Components used on this project:
Bird Launcher:
Power Door Lock Kit:
12V Lithium Battery & Charger:
Spade Connectors:
Automotive 12V Fuse and Holder:
Recommended Ammo – Bulk Smarties:

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