Schwinn tries to recapture Baby Boomers with electric bike line

The Schwinn bicycles of the past were Cadillacs with names like Phantom, Tiger and Hornet.

The Sting-Ray, “the bike with the sports car look,” was coveted for its banana seat, high-traction studded balloon rear tire, butterfly handlebars and colors. Meanwhile Schwinn’s Varsity and Continental introduced affordable 10 speeds sold at Schwinn stores around the country.

Baby Boomers who cruised the streets of America between the 1950s and 1970s on the popular brand of bikes will soon have a few new Schwinn rides that come with classic-sounding names and evolving tec..ology.

Madison-based Pacific Cycle, which purchased Schwinn out of bankruptcy in 2001, is set to launch three models of battery-powered, pedal assist bicycles..

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