Stromer ST5 Video Review – $10k Fast, Powerful, Silent Electric Bike

Author: via YouTube
Stromer ST5 Video Review - $10k Fast, Powerful, Silent Electric Bike The Stromer ST5 is one of the fastest accelerating, yet quietest, most technologically advanced electric bikes on the market today, seamless battery integration, hidden wires, pressure-sensitive touch screen with anti-theft and GPS tracking. Custom motor tuning via iOS and Android app, peak motor torque output of 48 Nm and 800+ watts, electronic shifting with Shimano Di2 and XTR derailleur with clutch (to reduce chain bounce), narrow-wide chainring to reduce drops. Large 203 mm hydraulic disc brakes from TRP designed to cool fast, both brake levers activate bright mode for the rear light as well as recoup, five levels of recoup to simulate hills or recharge the battery on long descents. Sturdy tubular alloy fenders with optional cargo rack, custom Pirelli tires, antishock seat post, premium Ergon grips and saddle, 4.5 amp fast charger with magnetic plug, bluetooth auto-locking and unlocking, relatively heavy at 66.5 lbs and very expensive at 10-grand.

– Onboard display overview at 12:32 and 23:57
– Horn test at 14:52, Stromer CEO and Global VP at 15:46
– Smartphone app at 30:33, Ride test at 36:54, Testimonials at 48:33