Super Bicycle Ebike Commuter Conversation | 5-5-18

Author: The New Wheel Electric Bikes via YouTube
Super Bicycle Ebike Commuter Conversation | 5-5-18

Filmed at the Super Bicycle Festival ( in Larkspur Landing on Saturday May 5, 2018.

Moderator Karen Wiener, co-founder of The New Wheel Electric Bikes, bring together a regular people doing super things by bike – from commuting to work, losing weight, skipping the car and more…

Panelists include:

Larry Stratton | Larry Stratton commutes to Rohnert Park, where he serves as the Chief Engineer & COO for broadcast stations KRCB & KRCB-FM
Elissa Chandler | Elissa lives in San Francisco and uses her e-bike to get around her neighborhood (Potrero Hill) and to and from her work at Good Eggs Organic Delivery (
George Tanaka | A parent and eye-surgeon who’s self-avowed claim to fame is to be first in line for new Stromer ST5
Martin Biesel | Born and raised in Stockholm Sweeden, Marin lives with his wife and kids in San Francisco, and works in fintech.