Tern HSD & GSD eCargo Review

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Tern HSD & GSD eCargo Review

Learn more about the Tern HSD – https://www.fullycharged.com/tern-hsd-p9-eBike-2020 / https://www.fullycharged.com/tern-hsd-s8i-2020-ecargo-bike

Learn more about the Tern GSD – https://www.fullycharged.com/Tern-GSD-eCargo / https://www.fullycharged.com/Tern-GSD-eCargo-S00

Ben and James Parker from Tern discuss the Tern HSD & GSD models, with them arriving in stock this week. These are compact eCargos, great for family use. These are not just your typical electric cargo for the whole family, but can also act as a bike for your business, due to the amount of load it can haul.

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