The Battery Powering This Electric Bicycle Also Kept It out of the American Market

The Estonian company Ampler Bikes produces some of the most accessible electric-assist bicycles on the market. They look exactly like regular, non-electric street bikes—the presence of a button and a charging port on the seatpost is the only hint that there might be some horsepower under the hood. Press the button, start pedaling and you’ll feel a silent boost of electric energy. If you didn’t know there was a battery helping you out, it would be an “I guess I don’t know my own strength” moment.
This electric pedal assist is generated by a lithium-ion battery that is hidden in the downtube and a small motor in the rear wheel hub. Yet, all this hardware doesn’t make the bike unmanageably heavy: it’s 31-37 pounds, depending on the model—about the weight of your average beach cruiser. Ampler does all the assembly in-house in Estonia, so when you get your bike, all you have to do is put on the handlebars and pedals. Simple as that…
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