The best commuting, folding, MTB and road electric bikes from £500 to £4000
By Nick Harris-Fry

While electric bikes have been popular for many years in the cycling hubs of mainland Europe and east Asia, people in the UK have only recently woken up to the charms of a little motorised assistance when cycling. Commuters in big cities in particular can benefit from an e-bike, as they offer a fast, reliable and sweat-free route to work, avoiding both the crush and delays of public transport and the physical demands of regular cycling.

That’s not to say you get off scot-free with regards to exercise. You still have to pedal to get the motor running on an e-bike – you can’t just press a button and put your feet up – and the assistance cuts out by law at 15.5mph. If you want to go faster than that, then you’re on your own…

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