The retro-styled Munro Motor 2.0 blurs the line between e-bike & motorcycle

By Derek Markham ( @derekmarkham )
This electric bike offers a little taste of yesteryear’s classic motorcycle design on the outside, but has a high-tech heart.

When is an electric bike not an electric bike? Perhaps when it doesn’t have any way to pedal it manually, I suppose.
There’s been a recent flush of electric two-wheeled ‘bikes’ to hit the market lately that are too similar in design to a bicycle to be properly called a scooter, and which don’t even have pedals, so they don’t qualify for the -ped in electric moped, and which are too small to be a motorcycle. Maybe that’s splitting hairs, but it’s becoming an increasingly important distinction, mostly because of regulations for roads and vehicles, which vary by the country, state, and municipality.
A proper motorcycle or scooter has a certain set of licensing, registration, and insurance requirements, and in some places, electric bikes that can achieve higher speeds are subject to some restrictions (again, varying by location).
So when an electrified “bike” is roughly the size of a conventional bike, but is throttle operated and not pedaled, yet isn’t powerful enough to keep up with faster traffic, it begs the question of just what category to put it in, and where it’s legal or illegal to ride it. After all, these small electric vehicles are convenient, easy to park, and cheap to operate…
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