Trek Powerfly 7 LT Video Review – $5.5k Advanced All-Mountain Electric Bike

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Trek Powerfly 7 LT Video Review - $5.5k Advanced All-Mountain Electric Bike The Trek Powerfly 7 LT is a stealthy, long travel, all-mountain electric bike with longer wheel base and adjustable seat stay hardware to optimize geometry for climbing and descending, proprietary “Active Braking Pivot” rear suspension reduces skipping, Knock Block headset and Hartzell Hug impact-absorbing downtube bumpers allow for straight downtube. Trek-invented Boost hub spacing improves spoke bracing angle and support for larger plus sized tires, quick release thru axles are sturdy and easy to work with, direct-link rear suspension stiffens the chain stays and bottom bracket without compromising performance thanks to the DeonAir rear shock. Beautiful battery integration, Bosch PowerTube 500 disappears into the frame, keeps weight low and center, provides space for a bottle cage mount and accessories above, sturdy locking core from ABUS with keyed-alike code, battery has a built-in handle for secure removal and transport. Bosch Purion display does not have an active Micro-USB port, the PowerTube 500 is heavier than the older PowerPack design, longer wheel base isn’t as nimble and the motor integration is flat vs. angled up (unless you get the carbon model), the motor is heavier than the competition, produces more noise, introduces some drag when unpowered. 2019 Trek Powerfly electric bike reviews.

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– The review starts at 2:58
– Interview with Trek Suspension Labs at 12:24
– Battery removal at 20:22
– Bosch Purion display overview at 29:31
– Ride test and frame footage at 31:43