What does an electric motorbike sound like?

Author: Motosyncnz Performance Electric Motorcycles via YouTube
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What does an electric motorbike sound like?

Everyone asks, what does the bike sound like?

The Motosync RS-E50 is a handbuilt electric bike made by Sytse Tacoma of New Zealand.

It has a 65 kW AC induction motor, 6.5 kWhr of Lithium-Ion phosphate battery’s, and a big red stop button! Put these all together and you get a very unique sounding vehicle..

New batteries are being built at the moment! Keep up to date by liking the Facebook page.

– Aprillia RS-250 frame, brakes and suspension
– 6.5 kWhr or Lithium-ion phosphate batteries
– 65 hp 3 phase AC induction motor
– 112 Nm of torque
– 0-100 in 4 seconds
– 100 km of range
– 3.5 hr charge time from a standard wall plug
– 170km/hr top speed
– Road-registered!
– Over 5000 km’s travelled to date

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/motosyncnz/

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