Who Are E-Bikes For? | E-MTB Rider Profiles: Which Are You?

Author: Electric Mountain Bike Network via YouTube
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Who Are E-Bikes For? | E-MTB Rider Profiles: Which Are You?

Who are E-bikes for? People who want to be restricted to short days riding in a small area? Not likely! But there are many different profiles of riders which fit the mould of what an E-bike can offer! Which are you? ?

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From kids to Ex-World Cup athletes, climbers to those all about the descent, newbies to the experienced rider, E bikes are really for anyone who wants to get out there and explore areas previously reserved for the super fit! It’s better than driving to work, sitting in a shuttle van or repeatedly attempting that brutal impossible hill!

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? Music – licensed by Epidemic Sounds
Eternal State – dvine
Fake Reality (Instrumental Version) – Sven Karlsson
Getting Thru (Instrumental Version) – L.M. Styles
Give It All up for You (Instrumental Version) – Origo
Lost in Dreams – dvine
Love Is Blind (Instrumental Version) – Coma Svensson
Step It up Baby (Instrumental Version) – Jesse Lawrence
Them Thieves – Ava Low

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