Zero SR/S 14.4 2020 Electric Motorcycle Test Ride

Author: John Chivers via YouTube
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Zero SR/S 14.4 2020 Electric Motorcycle Test Ride

This time, I’m riding one of the very first Zero SR/S 14.4 2020 electric motorbikes to land in the UK. Barely off the ship, it’s just nudged 100 miles when I get to try it out.

The new Zero SR/S is Zero Motorcycles’ latest offering, built on the basis of the SR/F, but with some tweaks, and most noticably a fairing.

At the time of filming, there were only a handful (or possibly a trailerful) of them in the UK. In this case, once again, Streetbike of Halesowen, the original Zero reseller in the UK and my nearest dealership, were kind enough to lend me their demonstrator. So thanks to them, once again, for the opportunity.

As with my previous video of the SR/F test ride, this is from the point of view of someone who has owned and ridden a Zero DSR since 2016 and owned/driven electric cars since 2014, so I make no apologies for using EV terminology which may not be familiar to everyone.

On the road prices from Streetbike at time of video are:
Standard model: £18,090
Premium model: £20,090

Those prices are with the £1500 OLEV government grant already applied.

Worth noting that since March 2020, the SR/F and SR/S also now qualify for the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or Workplace Charging Scheme, which contributes £350 to the cost of a charge point installation.

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Zero SR/S technical specifications:

Zero SR/S Owner’s Manual:

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OLEV grant for installation of charge point:

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