Are electric bike batteries safe?

Are electric bike batteries safe?

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Are electric bike batteries safe?

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Are unsafe batteries going to kill the eBike industry? Is your eBike battery actually safe?
Did you know that 90% of the products that are on the market in the U.S. are untested?

I’ve kind of been tip-toeing around this topic, but the realist is, this is impacting me, my customers, and people’s ability to live safely. Not going to call any companies out, but this is a serious issue and more people need to be aware of it. I’m seeing this thing that I put blood, sweat, and tears into crumble before my eyes because companies are trying to cut corners.

I could have made a lot more $ by now by selling products that people ask for. We’ve dropped a lot of companies in the past, and these companies are relatively popular, could be selling them, but I’m not going to put my name on that. One thing I’m not cool with is selling a product that’s not safe.

Let us know what you think about this topic. What have been your experiences? Where do you think we as an industry, as a society should go with this? Should the Goverment intervene?

More about CPSC and how they work with industries:—What-We-Do-for-You#:~:text=To%20report%20an%20unsafe%20consumer,of%20free%20CPSC%20safety%20guides.

Link to NYC City Council Meeting on Electric Bike Battery Regulations Nov 14, 2022:

NYC Fire Code 2022:

00:00 Introduction to the issue of unsafe electric bike batteries
02:11 What really is the issue? Why are there so many fires in NYC?
02:58 Why doesn’t Europe have the same issue despite the popularity of electric bikes there?
04:03 Is the issue that Chinese standards and use scenarios are different than US ones?
05:25 New NYC Firecode Requiring UL for electric bikes
07:20 Electric Bike Battery fires potential to slow the industry down or significantly stunt it’s growth
07:48 Is this a National problem or just an NYC issue?
08:17 Can CPSC fix the battery safety issue? If so how?
09:10 CPSC Mandatory Recall of Ancheer electric bikes due to fire safety hazards
09:25 Will CPSC require UL for electric bikes?
09:43 What is UL (Underwriters Laboratories)?
10:26 Why is there not a safety standard like other industries?
11:40 Is it possible for all electric bike brands to adhere to the UL standard?
12:00 How will this impact the DIY market?
12:53 NYC City Council Meeting on Fire Safety related to electric bikes
14:05 FDNY is requesting CPSC to require UL
14:32 NYC City Council Bill to require electric bikes and batteries to be UL
15:20 Could a standard other than UL be accepted?
16:27 Could tariffs play a part in resolving the issue?
17:07 What will happen if CPSC requires UL for electric bikes?
18:37 Do companies disregard prioritize profit over safety too much?
19:26 Aren’t you just trying to market your more expensive products?
20:20 Is it possible to have UL-listed electric bikes available at a low price point? Are there any now?
21:39 City Council Bill making it illegal to rebuild electric bike batteries
22:23 Louis Rossman and Right to Repair. How does that fit in?
23:50 If you can’t repair will batteries be sustainable? More about electric bike battery recycling
24:41 NYC bill to educate food delivery workers about electric bike battery safety
25:03 How to deal with the fact that most products used and sold to food delivery workers are not UL and likely won’t be capable of passing the test
25:23 Is outdoor charging of electric bikes the solution?
25:39 Could someone create a UL battery and charger for the common bikes with issues?
26:07 What about a rebate or buy-back program for unsafe electric bikes?
26:22 This is a messy topic but we still need to deal with it. Why I am talking about it
28:14 But cars are much more hazardous. Shouldn’t we just focus on that?

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Are electric bike batteries safe?
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