Battery-powered bikes ‘could need insuring

Daily Mail Online
By Sean Poulter

The rise of the E-bike is under threat from the EU which is looking at plans to force owners to take out accident insurance, it is claimed.

As many as one in 25 of all new bikes come with a battery and motor to help people negotiate roads and hills.

And the figure is expected to rise sharply as more workers take to two wheels for the daily commute.

However, the bike retailer Halfords and the former Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton say all this is being jeopardised by Brussels.

The company claims the third party insurance, designed to pay out if the rider causes damage or injury, could cost more than £100 a year.

If the EU presses ahead with the idea, it would raise the spectre of all cyclists, including those relying solely on pedal power, being required to take out insurance…

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Battery-powered bikes ‘could need insuring
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