BC Bike Show – 2020 Ebikes

Author: ElectricBikeReview.com via YouTube
BC Bike Show - 2020 Ebikes

Hey guys! I made it to part of the BC Bike Show in Vancouver British Columbia this weekend, and shot some video interviews there. Lots of cool new electric bicycles for 2020, and I’m looking forward to seeing them up close this year for reviews. Sorry about the warping and skipping moments on the video, the indoor lighting causes some funky behavior with my camera (using software stabilization vs. a gimbal). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and here are the timestamps! Kona Ebikes 0:12, eProdigy Ebikes 4:16, RIZE Electric Bikes 7:05, Giant Electric Bicycles 10:30, OHM E-Bikes 19:27, Benno Electric Bikes 21:05, Biktrix Ebikes 23:27, Trek 27:06

Official BC Bike Show website: https://www.bcbikeshow.com/
BC Bike Show dates in 2020: February 29th – March 1st

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BC Bike Show – 2020 Ebikes
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