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DUALTRON SPIDER UL2272 certified high performance e scooter | Coming soon to Singapore | MOBOT

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DUALTRON SPIDER UL2272 certified high performance e scooter | Coming soon to Singapore | MOBOT

We have been waiting for this for a long long time.
And it is finally coming to Singapore.

? Shoutout to GaloreridesTV (@galoreridestv) for the video.

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DUALTRON SPIDER UL2272 High Performance E-Scooter

DUALTRON SPIDER is a UL2272 certified (pending), LTA compliant e-scooter. This high performance e-scooter is thrilling to ride therefore not recommended for beginners.

The DUALTRON range by MINIMOTORS is a well known international e-scooter brand for off-road use. In fact, the DUALTRON SPIDER is probably the first MINIMOTORS electric scooter to have its weight and size tame for a daily commuter.

DUIALTRON SPIDER has 60V 1500W (peak) brushless motor x 2 (Total: 3000W), 17.5AH LG battery, dual disc brakes with ABS and rubber suspensions.

Similar to most DUALTRON electric scooters, the DUALTRON SPIDER powers the ride with dual motors. Each brushless motor is capable to produce 1500W peak and 1320W rated. Therefore, this off-road e-scooter can handle steep slopes of up to 15 degrees gradient.

There are 3 modes to cater to different rides: Dual / Turbo / Eco.

DUALTRON SPIDER adopts the classic DUALTRON design and aesthetic. The stem is a solid piece which is effective for accurate steering. In addition, the electric scooter adopts mountain bike style carbon fibre handlebar for wide grip. Therefore, even at top speed, you feel surprisingly stable on the DUALTRON SPIDER.

This UL2272 certified high performance e-scooter can travel 60-70 km (ECO mode) on a full charge with its 17.5AH LG li-ion battery. Not to mention, MINIMOTORS has included an auxiliary port to connect to an external battery*. This is a welcome feature who riders who want to travel even further.

*In Singapore, installing the external battery will exceed the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Active Mobility Act (AMA) physical criteria – weight: 20kg.

The e-scooter comes with front (fixed) and rear (adjustable) suspensions. The rear suspension can be adjusted to three levels to suit different riders’ weight and terrains. In addition, the strength of the suspension can be modified to five levels by changing the rubber cartridges.

In addition, ground clearance is sufficient to handle most urban obstacles. Potholes, road debris, curb, uneven terrain are all easily overcome up by the scooter.

This UL2272 certified electric scooter comes with front and rear cable-actuated disc brakes with ABS and regenerative feature.

Each DUALTRON SPIDER e-scooter is mounted with 10″ x 2″ wide pneumatic tubeless tyres. The tyres cushion the ride comfortably and provide good traction on a variety of surfaces.

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This off-road e-scooter uses the intelligent EYE display and throttle system designed by MINIMOTORS.

This UL2272 certified, LTA compliant e-scooter comes with 2 charging ports. The standard charger is a 71.2V 1.75A. It takes about 8-10 hours to charge from empty to full. On the other hand, if you use 2 chargers to concurrently charge up the 17.5AH LG battery, it saves up to 40% of charging time.

The DUALTRON SPIDER comes with front and rear lights. In addition, both sides of the stem also have light strips. Therefore you can be sure you will be seen during your night fun rides.

* Product specifications subjected to change without notice.

[Important Note]
From 2 Jan 2019, you must register your e-scooter with Land Transport Authority (LTA).
As of 19 Jan 2020, the DUALTRON SPIDER is pending certification to UL2272.


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DUALTRON SPIDER UL2272 Electric Scooter



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