E-bikes, combining pedaling with battery power

By Sandy Mazza

Christine Branom did something this summer that would chill most Southern Californians to the bone.

She sold her car. And bought an electric bike.

Now, the human-resources specialist commutes daily, sweat-free, to work from Marina del Rey to Playa del Rey – sometimes in heels and a dress.

“I usually wear flip-flops,” Branom said. “But I know you’re supposed to wear closed-toed shoes.”

She relies on a complex, well-researched network of bike lanes, back streets, and the occasional sidewalk.

Branom’s part of a trend that Americans are expected to increasingly embrace. E-bike sales will double by 2025 in major world markets including the U.S., Western Europe, Japan and Vietnam, according to a recent study by market-research group Navigent Research

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E-bikes, combining pedaling with battery power
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