Elbike is a simple stealthy singlespeed electric bike

By Derek Markham

This customizable e-bike is available in 200 colors, gets up to 50 miles per charge, & weighs in at 33 pounds, yet costs just over $1000.

Oh, no, you’re saying, not yet another e-bike — and a crowdfunded one, at that! Yes, it’s another (very well) crowdfunded electric bike, and it promises to offer a lot more choice for riders, while simplifying the e-bike itself into just the essentials, and to do so at what looks to be a great price.

The Elbike is the brainchild of Mike Glaser, who built his first company urbike to make and sell customizable singlespeed bikes, and who is now breaking into the electric bike market with a similar bid by offering the clean lines and simple look of a city singlespeed frame, but outfitted with a 250W motor…

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Elbike is a simple stealthy singlespeed electric bike
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