Electric Bike Company Model Y | eBike Review (2021)

Electric Bike Company Model Y | eBike Review (2021)

Author: Electric Bike Report via YouTube
Electric Bike Company Model Y | eBike Review (2021)

For current pricing on the Electric Bike Company Model Y eBike click here: https://electricbikecompany.com/model-y/

For a detailed written review of the Model Y cruiser ebike by Electric Bike Company click the link: https://electricbikereport.com/electric-bike-company-model-y-review/

The Electric Bike Company Model Y cruiser ebike is a class 2 bike with a thumb throttle that will support speeds up to 20mph and pedal assist that will assist up to 25 mph. The Model Y is an excellent ebike for those interested in a long lasting cruiser style bike that they can heavily customize to make it their own. Each Model Y is fully customizable as they will match any pantone color you want for the frame, fenders, rims, and more.

This step thru cruiser has plenty of accessories and add ons to fit your lifestyle. Some of these accessories and add ons include: front and rear racks/baskets, fenders, mirrors, paniers, speakers, and more.

The Model Y is powered by a 500W rear hub motor (1000W peak)which offers all the power you could possibly want on an electric bike. That motor is energized by a 10.5 Ah battery (we had a dual battery setup) that is discretely hidden in the basket for an all day performance. Electric Bike Company also issues an easy to read LCD screen controller on each of their bikes that shows you the charge level, pedal assist, speed, and more.

Being one of the most comfortable cruiser style ebikes we have tested on the market, the Model Y is also fitted with hand stitched leather grips that were secured by aluminum clamps to not twist and a wide plush leather seat with cushioning.

Overall, we found the Electric Bike Company Model Y ebike to be an absolute joy to not only completely design to our liking but also ride on our beautiful local trails.

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9:49 Hill Climb Test
11:13 Speed Test
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Electric Bike Company Model Y | eBike Review (2021)
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