Elevating the standard for electric bikes

San Francisco Chronicle By Allison McCarthy
The next time you’re in Russian Hill, take a look at the steep grade on Union Street between Polk and Larkin. Then think about riding a bike up it. If you’re like most of us, you’ll laugh at the idea and quickly walk away.
That’s exactly what this reporter did until John Tai of Ebike Lane, an electric bicycle shop in San Francisco, convinced me to give it a go on an electric hybrid by Tempo Bicycles — part of a personal effort on my part to get back on the saddle during May’s National Bike Month.
“Think of it as bionic legs or a Lance Armstrong injection,” Tai said, as I skeptically hoisted myself onto a Santa Barbara step-through. He showed me how to activate the motor from a digital control pad on the handlebars, increasing or decreasing the pedal assist based on how much help I wanted…
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Elevating the standard for electric bikes
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