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Eunorau Meta275 review: $1,799 Torque Sensing Cruiser Electric Bike with Great Components!

Eunorau Meta275 review: ,799 Torque Sensing Cruiser Electric Bike with Great Components!

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Eunorau Meta275 review: ,799 Torque Sensing Cruiser Electric Bike with Great Components!

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tl;dr version of the written review:

The Eunorau META275 is a versatile city electric bike with quite a bit to offer. It comes with a rear rack, front suspension, oversized tires, an app, and optional upgraded battery options. With all of these features, the META275 can fulfill a variety of roles, like commuting to work, running Uber eats, and just about everything in between. 

The META275 has a starting price of $1,799 USD, and for what you get, this seems like a more than reasonable MSRP.

The META275 is equipped with a 500-watt hub motor in the rear wheel that can bring this electric bike up to a top speed of 20 mph out of the box by using the torque-sensing pedal assist or the thumb throttle. This makes the META275 a class 2 electric bike, which is nice for those who live in an area with strict Ebike laws, but if you’re living in the wild, wild west, you can unlock the top speed in the settings. Yeehaw, partner!

The META275’s 48 Volt, 13 amp hour, locking, and removable battery is housed inside the downtube and uses high-quality Samsung cells. With only 624Wh, this is not an Ebike that will be traveling across state lines, but with an optional second battery, you can get closer to 70 miles, which is pretty impressive for any Ebike!

The META275’s curb weight is approximately 68 pounds, and the frame can support a max payload of 350 pounds, which is pretty good, especially for those that want to load up the rear rack, and start adding additional batteries. 

I also love that the sloping top tube helps to reduce the standover height. We would negate that if we were to add the additional battery, but there’s enough room here to accommodate the additional battery while making our standover height on par with other step-over bikes of this size. 

When it comes to the ride of the META275, the feeling is pretty chill. It’s a very upright and comfortable riding position and with the wide saddle, front fork suspension, and oversized tires, it’s pretty smooth. Of course, if you want to go all out, you could get an aftermarket seat post suspension to make it even more cush.

Let’s circle back to the tires briefly, because they deserve to be highlighted. These are some of my favorite-sized tires for off-trail riding. If you’re going to be sticking to the pavement, sidewalks, and well-paved trails, then these are the ticket! These Chaoyang 27.5” x 2.6” tires are fast rolling and just ever so slightly oversized, which really makes for a steady and comfortable ride. It’s also a fairly common size, with some nice upgrades available from brands like Schwalbe and WTB. You also have the option to throw in some Tannus Armour and never have to worry about flats ever again. And now, back to the META275

Speaking of back…in the back of the META275, we’ve got a Shimano Altus 9-speed derailleur paired with a Shimano thumb shifter. The Altus is a nice upgrade point from the entry-level Tourney and will help to shift gears smoothly and efficiently. 

To bring the META275 to a stop we’ve got hydraulic disc brakes with 180 mm rotors on both the front and rear wheels. This is another huge upgrade point from the entry-level mechanical disc brakes and offers quite a bit more stopping power. The META275 is also equipped with motor inhibitors which instantly cut power to the motor whenever you hit the brakes. This is a fantastic safety feature that ensures you always have the shortest possible stopping distance, and for that, the META275 gets 10 points.

On the left side of the handlebars, we’ve got our LCD display, with integrated buttons. It’s nice to have everything in one place, and this display has an almost retro vibe, as far as the looks go. From a functionality standpoint, this display was pretty cool! It shows us our level of pedal assist, speed, battery, total distance, trip distance, and more! It gets even more functionality when we pair it with the remote Sync App, which increases its functionality by adding data points for calorie tracking, trip records, and social networking. It allows for OTA updates, which could be a huge game-changer as the industry advances. 

Overall, the META275 offers a lot of bang for your buck. And if you have some more buck, you can add 17more amp hours of bang! At first glance, it appears to be similar to other Ebikes on the market, but diving down into the specs it starts to separate itself from the competition. We were impressed! Were you? Let us know in the comments!

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