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Flexi Max Double Seater 3 wheel Motorise Scooter

Author: MOBOT via YouTube
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Flexi Max Double Seater 3 wheel Motorise Scooter

MOBOT FLEXI MAX is one of the most comfortable double-seater yet foldable LTA-compliant mobility scooter. It can carry over 150kg of load, tested and proven!

The MOBOT FLEXI MAX has a simple folding method that can save space in the comforts of your home. You need not to struggle your way through as you can easily fold this mobility scooter in less than 5 seconds. Subsequent times will be even faster! Since it is foldable, you can fit it in car boot. After unfolding, you can simply lock it and adjust the handle height.

Important note: This is not just an elderly mobility scooter or motorize scooter just for the disable, it caters to all age group with no age restriction. This mobility scooter is allowed to be use on footpath, bicycle sharing path, parks connector (PCN) except on the roads.

12 months warranty
LTA compliant mobility scooter.
– Motor: 48V 350W DC brushless
– Max Speed: 10 km/h
– Battery: 48V 10AH
– Range: 30-35 km
– Weight: 31 kg
– Foldable: Yes

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