FLX F3 – The Best Electric Bikes We’ve Ever Made

Author: FLX Bike via YouTube
FLX F3 - The Best Electric Bikes We've Ever Made

It has been several years in the making, but the newest generation of Trails and Roadsters have been released!
Whether you are a just a weekend rider, a daily commuter, or even a hardcore downhill shredder, FLX has an exciting model that will fit all your needs!

With updated frame designs and seamlessly integrated batteries, you are guaranteed to turn heads as you ride by. Couple this with a higher capacity lithium battery and an even more efficient Bafang motor, and you get a bike whose performance matches its looks.

Take comfort in knowing that the team at FLX has put their heart and souls into creating bikes that allow you to ride faster, climb higher, and explore further than ever before!!

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FLX F3 – The Best Electric Bikes We’ve Ever Made
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