Has KULR Solved the Perennial Dilemma of Batterys?

Forbes.com By Brad Auerbach

I have been covering the burgeoning electric bike market for many months, even exploring the nascent electric sports car market. Makers of personal electric vehicles and bikes can now boast over 200 million in use, with 35 million sold a year. It is indeed a growing market, with an estimated 2 billion units in place by 2050.

These numbers have not gone unnoticed, there are more than 300 manufacturers in this multi-billion-dollar space. Even car makes such as Porsche and Ford are entering the race.

But the market, as big as it is, is hobbled by affordability. Many e-bikes still cost more than $1,000, pricing them out of mass markets and crucial developing nations where their use could be substantial…

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Has KULR Solved the Perennial Dilemma of Batterys?
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