Inside the world of E-Bikes

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By Katie Scotcher
The number of New Zealanders using electric bicycles is on the rise with bike shops across the country reporting sales of one or two a day. Katie Scotcher took an E-Bike out for a spin.

Statistics New Zealand figures show that within the last year, there’s been a 37 percent increase in imports of two-wheeled powered vehicles, which includes electric bikes, mopeds and motorcycles.

When asked to select an E-bike to test, I quickly approached the least intimidating looking model.

It looks like any flash bicycle – a glossy silver frame and brown leather seat adorned with gold hardware – the only noticeable differences when comparing to a standard bike is it’s slightly bulkier, and a lot heavier.

Jordan Roy from Avanti Plus adjusted the seat to suit my height.

“For you it’s a great bike, it’s the right size – it’s a medium large frame.

“So in the step-through stuff, they often go medium large or small medium – two sizes of step through – one fitting taller than average people and one fitting shorter than average people…

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Inside the world of E-Bikes
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