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Juiced Scorpion – December 2019 Production Update

Author: Juiced Bikes via YouTube
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Juiced Scorpion - December 2019 Production Update Again it has been a super busy few weeks. We are happy to report that the standard Scorpion is more or less on track.

Juiced Bikes now does the design, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing and distribution and service all in-house. There is no other e-bike company big or small capable of doing this today.

The first batch of Scorpion frames are finishing up and getting logos. We get a first look at the full production parts Scorpion build and the bike looks amazing. It perfectly captures the classic moped style, but with proper e-bike pedal and assist great performance.

Just before Christmas I head back to the states to drop off some Christmas gifts for the Dallas Cowboys defensive line.

Christmas was on a plane as I jump right back to the factory to continue work on the Scorpion and other projects.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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