Magnum Summit Review – $2.4k

Magnum Summit Review - .4k

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Magnum Summit Review - .4k The Summit is the latest hardtail electric mountain bike from Magnum with upgrades to the drivetrain, suspension, and electronics integration, available in four tasteful accent colors and two wheel size options, available online or from a wide US dealer network. Continued use of high quality Samsung cells for the high capacity battery pack, now fully integrated into the downtube for a streamlined and stealthy appearance. Impressive 95nm of torque from the rear hub motor, hybrid Class 2/3 setup combines pedelec speed with the convenience of a throttle. Ebike-specific hydraulic disc brakes provide great stopping power and safety features, 24 speed drivetrain for tackling any terrain, trail-ready with a decent SR Suntour suspension fork, while also sporting mount points for racks, fenders, and other commuting accessories. weight and powerful electronics may limit trail access, only available in one frame size although you can choose different wheel sizes, triple front chainring adds weight and complexity to the already crowded handlebars.

Thank you to Ebikes USA in Denver, CO for providing access to their Magnum inventory for this review! If you live in northern Colorado and are in the market for an Ebike I highly recommend checking out this shop 🙂

0:00 Introduction
1:54 Ebike Class, Top Speed, Trail Access
4:08 Integrated Battery Overview & Removal
5:53 CST Rock Hawk Tires, Size Options
7:25 SR Suntour Suspension Fork
7:53 Mounting Points for Commuting Accessories
8:44 24-speed Shimano Drivetrain & Shifters
10:19 Handlebar Width & Adjustability
11:02 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
11:32 18 Amp Controller
11:55 Display & Control System Overview
16:05 Color Options & Accessories
17:39 Ride Test Begins, Riding Unassisted
21:02 Throttle & Motor Noise
22:02 Pedal Assist
23:57 Ride Comfort & Feel
25:04 Outro

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Magnum Summit Review – $2.4k
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