Managing The Repairs On Your Ebike Fleet
By Karl Gesslein

The other day I went out to the ebike shed to try to find something to ride. Much to my dismay, every single bike I owed was broken or out of commission. I had let my maintenance issues fall a little too far behind and there was literally 15 broken ebikes that I couldn’t use. I find it funny when people ask me ‘what ebike should I get’ as if one ebike is ever going to be enough if you actually thrash on it everyday on the trails.

Two ebikes seems to be an absolute minimum and three seems to be a comfortable number where you will mostly always have something to ride. Its important to realize that most bicycles are designed with components that are designed for 350 Watts of power which is the amount of energy most people can generate with their tiny little chicken legs…
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Destroy Everything You Touch : Managing The Repairs On Your Ebike Fleet

Managing The Repairs On Your Ebike Fleet
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