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Mokwheel Basalt Review | Electric Fat Bike (2022)

Mokwheel Basalt Review | Electric Fat Bike (2022)

Video by Electric Bike Report via YouTube
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Mokwheel Basalt Review | Electric Fat Bike (2022)

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Mokwheel Basalt E-Bike Review, 2023

Here we’re reviewing the Mokwheel Basalt, a fat bike built with 4-in. tires, a 750W motor that produces a very respectable 90Nm of torque, and a ginormous 960Wh battery. It is spec’d with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and a suspension fork that can make rough roads seem like new pavement.

In our testing, we look at the e-bike’s range, how it climbs and brakes, as well as how well the controller differentiates the pedal-assist levels.

In our Mokwheel Basalt review we also take a look at how the 960Wh battery can be used as a power source with the addition of Mokwheel’s power inverter. Whether someone is touring, car camping or suffering a natural disaster, the combination of a sizable battery and an inverter opens up intriguing possibilities.

This is an e-bike with both a powerful motor and a powerful battery to back it up. Click through to find out how the Mokwheel Basalt performed in our review.

0:00 MokWheel Basalt Review
1:03 MokWheel Basalt Overview
2:18 Brake Test
3:34 Battery / Range Test
4:50 Circuit Test
6:29 Cockpit & Handling
10:13 Motor / Hill Test
11:35 MokWheel Basalt Conclusion

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