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October 14th, 2019 – Juiced Scorpion pre-production first ride

Author: Juiced Bikes via YouTube
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October 14th, 2019 - Juiced Scorpion pre-production first ride

October 14th 2019. We continue with the Scorpion pre-production builds. Today we are focusing on checking the overall performance of the platform.

We are also integrating the features promised such as the headlight with DRL, taillight, brake lights, turn signals, horn, rack, fenders. The Scorpion is really the full package.

The toy and leisure grade e-bike products have reached “good-enough” level a few years back. Those products are great first e-bikes, but the new job for the modern e-bike is to be a transportation-grade product, capable of handling commuter duty safely and reliably.

Soon after you get over the thrill of your first e-bike, you will realize that to become a real transportation solution, you need longer range, higher speeds to keep up with traffic, stronger brakes and proper illumination.

On the practicality side, you need more storage capacity and dual suspension for improved comfort. You want everything without having to build it your self.

We demand that the Scorpion delivers everything you want, while setting a new standard for two-wheel micromobility.

Juiced Scorpion Electric Bike
Moped meets e-bike for an engineering masterpiece in micro-mobility with electrifying power and head-turning style for an epic ride like no other. Revolutionize your ride with more power, speed, and range.

750W Motor fuels speeds up to 28 MPH with outrageous torque and acceleration. 1000W Bafang Motor available on the HyperScorpion for off-road speeds, throttle-only speeds up to 30 MPH.

52V/1kWh battery eliminates range anxiety, U.S. based service and support team, and best-in-class reliability and durability. HyperScorpion available with a 52V/19.2ah battery for riding range up to 75 miles.

Front and rear suspension, versatile step-through frame and wider seat provides an outrageously smooth ride.

Wide tires for enhanced stability, hydraulic disc brakes for responsive stopping power and a bright LED motorcycle headlamp for exceptional visibility.

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