Pedego Electric Bikes Opens New Shop By By Maddi Miller
Pedego Electric Bikes is the nation’s largest and top selling brand of electric bicycles. Yes, I said electric bicycles, BUT before you start questioning the necessity of such a thing let me politely halt you in your tracks.
These bikes are for EVERYONE. Here’s why; Want to go on a ride with the whole family and bring grandma too? No problem, grandma doesn’t have to pedal for a second. Want to make it all the way to that one landmark you’re always is just a little too far? Go for it. If you run out of steam you can cruise right back home at all-star speed. The best part? You don’t have to tell your friends you had any assistance at all! Of course you rode that fast on your own, why would they think otherwise?
Pedego bikes can be ridden with complete motorized assistance, some or none. Neighboring the right handlebar, you’ll find the hand throttle which operates the “pedal assist” mode. Here, you decide how much pedal assistance you would like the battery to provide ranging between four levels and up to 20 miles per hour. Neighboring the left handlebar is a button that provides complete pedal assistance.
The second best part? The battery holder is soldered, nearly undetectable, to the back of the bike frame. You can cruise down the path past all those dudes in spandex with only a bead or two of sweat on your forehead as they ponder how you’re possibly so fast…

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Pedego Electric Bikes Opens New Shop in Petoskey

Pedego Electric Bikes Opens New Shop
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