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Plant 20 MILLION Trees! #TeamTrees

Author: Raglan Electric Bikes via YouTube
Plant 20 MILLION Trees! #TeamTrees

20 Million Trees by 2020. Collectively we can do this without breaking a sweat!

This is a rough video to join in with #TeamTrees. If you don’t know what its all about take a look here:

My philosophy since deciding climate change is a thing to worry about has been to reduce producing CO2 as much as possible and sequester as much as possible.
Practically my journey has taken me to electric electric cars and bikes, fixing broken things (like Teslas!), PLANTING TREES and eating only vegan foods (not vegans..)

I’ve planted over 1000 trees on my land in the last 5 years and now I’ve contributed to 250 more as part of this scheme.

What can you do? Let’s plant 20,000,000 trees by 2020.

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