Powerful Pedaling With Defiant Fat Electric Bike

By: Nate Mitka
“I am a cheater!! It’s electric, I’m a fake!” These words race through my head. I want to shout. But I’m smiling the whole time.

It’s a Tuesday afternoon in early June. I’m riding tight urban singletrack near GearJunkie headquarters, testing the Defiant Electric Fat Bike. It’s touted as the first commercially-available bike of its kind.

Defiant Bicycles is based in Minnesota, a state where fat bikes were arguably born (if not massively popularized). Defiant takes the genre to a powerful new place by adding a motor

The pedal-assist bike is a beast. It weighs about 50 pounds and costs a healthy $3,300. The company employs a 500-watt motor and five modes of assistance to pedal through almost anything.
You can ride 20 mph with ease. Cranking it to the max, I felt giddy. Read on for my first impression review.

Fat E-Bike: First Ride The first experience on an e-bike can be awe-inspiring. Part dirtbike, part bicycle, an e-fat bike goes really fast, really easily.

I pedaled from 0 to 20 mph, posture relaxed and upright, all without breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, I zoomed past nearly every cyclist within eyeshot on the trail. It felt a little evil.

There is no throttle. The Defiant e-fat bike operates with a pedal-assist motor…
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Powerful Pedaling With Defiant Fat Electric Bike
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