Review: Specialized Vado SL Super Light Electric Bike

Author: The New Wheel Electric Bikes via YouTube
Review: Specialized Vado SL Super Light Electric Bike The exciting new Vado SL is a one of a generation of super light electric city bikes from American manufacturer Specialized. Weighing in at just over 30 lbs, the Vado SL electric bike is lighter than many comparable non-electric bikes in its class. How is this possible? Through ultralight frame, fork and wheels, plus smart use of materials in the motor and batteries, the impossible becomes possible with the Vado SL.

Tackle your commute and any hills you have, but you can also tackle the stairs at your BART or MUNI station, or the steps leading up to your home. The Vado SL comes in four sizes, four colors and two spec levels. In this video, @The New Wheel Electric Bikes founders Karen Wiener and Brett Thurber take the time to talk about all aspects of the Vado SL, not just the features and specs, but how this bike can literally transform your urban (or suburban) experience.

The Vado SL is built on the Specialized SL 1.1 mid drive motor (top assist speed 28 mph), an in-frame 320 Wh battery, with optional range extender batteries, console displays and the subscription-free Mission Control smartphone app. Available fully equipped with lights and fenders, the Vado SL is an urban bike, built for city living, unlike any other.

Shot at UC Berkeley and in the Berkeley hills.

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Review: Specialized Vado SL Super Light Electric Bike
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