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the ‘S1’ from smarcircle is an unusually shaped eBike designed to be folded up in five simple steps and carried. the shenzhen, china-based company calls it the world’s most compact and lightweight electric bicycle (15.4 lbs), and it is built for city commutes too far to walk, but too close to drive. crowded public transport, parking costs, and busy traffic can be skipped past at speeds of 20 km/h (12.4 mph).

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the smacircle ‘S1‘ eBike is a compact electric bike that combines unprecedented folding ability with a comfortable ride. built with high quality materials, it boasts a stylish frame plus a 36 V samsung battery hidden in the seat, and locks to the bike to prevent theft. the battery fully charges in 2.5 hours, and plugs into any standard wall socket conveniently. unlike many fold-up commuter bikes, smacircle’s unique form is compact enough to be folded down into a backpack. constructed with carbon fiber, the lightweight frame is strong enough to carry a weight of up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

the ‘S1’s’ 240 W motor drives the front wheel’s power to reach 20 km/h, while riders can use a thumb throttle to adjust their speed. it features an accompanying  mobile app, which allows users to lock and unlock the eBike, adjust the speed, light, and monitor battery life. it also monitors the rider’s average and maximum speeds during trips, while mobile devices can be attached to the handlebars easily to stay in the know. the ‘S1’ automatically connects with mobile phones when its rider is within range. when the security lock is activated, the accelerator deactivates automatically. with the security lock, no one else can unlock / ride the eBike.

unfolded, the ‘S1’ measures 37.5 x 34.25 x 16”, and in five steps the bike can be reduced to just 7.5 x 11.5 x 19.3”. when folded into a backpack, it is the perfect companion for multimodal commuting, solving that ‘last mile problem’ and greatly expanding the efficiency and reach of public transportation.

smacircle’s ‘S1‘ has already surpassed the funding target via its indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed in detail here.

martin hislop I designboom

may 24, 2017

smacircle’s S1 eBike folds down into a backpack in five steps – Designboom
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