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Tesla Repair – Out of the garage! Off the blocks, plus window repair

Tesla Repair - Out of the garage! Off the blocks, plus window repair

Author: BenjaminNelson via YouTube
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After a few final things to do, we get the 2013 Tesla Model S back down onto the ground and drive it out of the garage under it’s own power!
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When I bought the car, I knew the front passenger side window was broken. Unfortunately, it fell down right when we finally got the car working and outside! I couldn’t leave it like that with all the bad weather we’ve been having! So, it was back into the garage to see if we could fix the window!

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Installing the Bash Plate
1:19 Aluminum corner brackets and rear plastic
2:29 Lowering Car off the blocks
3:46 Driving it out!
4:35 Another problem
5:02 Taking apart passenger door
6:06 Removing Window Regulator and motor
7:26 Examining bad window regulator
9:45 Making a temporary window
10:58 Conclusion

The car’s service manual is available through Tesla online:

Parts and Tools used on this project:
Dorman Window Regulator:
Manometer air-pressure gauge:
10mm threaded rods:
Security Bit Set:
Tesla Jack Pucks:
Ethernet Diagnostic Cable:
OBDLinkMX+ Bluetooth OBDII Scanner:
Loctite Marine Sealant:

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